Biolex Pharmaceuticals has started its activities in 2015 in the field of various hormone drugs, research products, herbal production and supplements.
Biolex Pharmaceuticals Team embrace research and science and technology bringing innovative ideas ,our products and successfully market life-changing medicines to prevent and cure diseases, to ease suffering, and to enhance the quality of life.
Biolex Pharmaceuticals committed not only expand access to reliable, affordable healthcare all around the world but also help even more people enjoy their lives to the fullest and make a difference for all who rely on us.

Our focus on innovation is the key to achieving:
We, as Biolex Pharmaceuticals company have designed and constructed a safe and effective medicinal products, in accordance to international.
Standards and also international demands to emphasis the past experience, for increasing our knowledge by looking to the future.

We believe it towards sustainability and continuous improvement with the emphasis on the following strategic objectives as follows:
To be honored as a premier manufacturer, especially hormone drugs and export markets.
To be able to product with observing GMP standards in accordance to the principles of national and international regulations.
Elevating to improve our methods to enhance enjoyment of stakeholder satisfaction.
Product innovation, research and development for new products.
Developing the domestic market share and effective presence in export markets.
The high quality of the products has allowed Biolex Pharmaceuticals to Export its products in many countries.
The pursuit of excellence in research, products development, quality control and assurance has been the hallmarks of management team at Biolex Pharmaceuticals enabling it to serve all over the world.